10.25.2013 Rest in peace 1944-2013 Storm Thorgerson


I have started to sell my Cranberries collection on eBay.

Hundreds of rare and obscure items will be coming in the next few months. Maybe you will get a bargain?

p.s. You can access Zombieguide archived in full here.

VHS collection sold! Thank you to everyone who expressed interest.


So Dolores O'Riordan-Burton is threatening to sue me. Great.

I suppose it's about time I quit this Zombieguide thing. After all, if Mrs. Burton doesn't appreciate the site, what's the point in continuing to promote her career? I can find much better things with which to volunteer my time.

I have been operating under the impression that (a) I have a fair use right to operate a fan site at the domain doloresoriordan.com, (b) that this is a non-commercial site, and (c) that the existence of a fan site at doloresoriordan.com does not harm Mrs. Burton's reputation (and in fact, promotes it). But I guess the Burtons don't agree.

I am not sure what damages Burton seeks, because as far as I know, this site has done nothing but support her career and provide a place for thousands of fans to discuss the works of The Cranberries and related projects. I started writing for (and eventually took over) this site out of a deep respect (which I still have) for The Cranberries' and O'Riordan's catalog of creative work. I never really had any intentions other than to pay respect to that.

As per Mrs. Burton's apparent wishes, the most popular online forums for discussing her band and solo career are now closed.

It's been a fun nine years doing Zombieguide. Unending thanks to everyone who's been supportive over the years. I'd like to thank each of you individually, but there just isn't enough time in a day.

Feel free to put your goodbyes in the forums.

Your webmaster,

Update 10.07.2007

Hi there everyone.

Sorry that I've been out of it for a few days... I needed a little vacation.

I am reading Dolores's letter for the first time now.

Now please let me set a few things straight...

1.) The Burtons have never offered to buy the domain, nor have I ever offered to sell it. Any issue of money was never discussed about the domain with anyone.

Three people who work for Mrs. Burton told me in the period between 2005-2007 that she was interested in the domain. Again, no suggestion was made other than I surrender it.

One staff person in particular told me on this summer's tour that Don was "not happy" with me and that I would not be allowed to meet Dolores until I surrendered the domain. I believed this to be unfair. And thus, Mr. Burton saw to it that I could not meet her this year unlike many of you lucky fans in other territories.

I did not "close the door" on anyone. Between the summer tour and September 28, I didn't receive any communication about the domain.

For the record, Mr. Burton, who is Dolores's manager, has never contacted me personally about anything.

2.) It is partially true that I was once offered to help with the official site, but that invitation was later revoked.

Tony Ciulla, Dolores's former brief-term manager, is the one who initially offered this idea. This was in 2005-2006. He abruptly stopped working with Dolores in summer 2006.

Between fall 2006 and when the official site launched in early 2007, I was never contacted about the site. I assumed that they were no longer interested in working with me at that point.

So I am not sure where Dolores got those ideas (or, perhaps, who told her), but they are frankly, untrue.

I would not have closed the site unless I felt that I was being treated unfairly. Many of you know me and that I try to be reasonable most of the time. A legal threat was by no means the only remaining option here. I feel that the issue has been handled very poorly by her management. Communication is key, which I feel was not reciprocated since the Burtons specifically did not want to meet me this summer.

Moving on, I am quite surprised to see that the official site has indeed addressed this. Factual errors aside, I appreciate Dolores's comments regarding Zombieguide and thank her for them.